Catching Up

It's time to catch up on some pictures taken this summer.

First a couple from our time at Sebago Lake.

Life with an infant means emergency parking lot stops to change a diaper.

And Evie being silly with one of her best friends.

2nd Child Syndrome

As Aunt Leanne always said, the 2nd child never gets the attention the first one does. She still talks about how Diana had multiple baby photo albums, while she didn't even have a full album to herself. I guess there is some truth to that as Karina is turning 10 months old today and we have barely posted any of her monthly photos. It's not so much that we aren't giving her the same attention as Evie, there is just a lot less time to go around! We've been taking the photos faithfully but haven't managed to post them as often. As a labor of love, here is a collage of Karina's month 1 through 9 photos. She's changed so much!

And here are additional cute outtakes from her 8 and 9 month shoots.


A Foster Tradition

Last weekend, Evie and Karina got to experience the excitement that is the Foster Old Home Days! From the farm animals, to the little train ride around the fair, Del's lemonade & Ray's french fries, carnies & their games, catching up with friends, and the infamous hug-a-bunny pen, it was everything Mom remembered it to be. It's just a lot smaller when you aren't little too!

Thanks to Bacca for braving the smartphone and taking 50+ photos of the train ride!

Double the Destruction

Karina is moving ever so slightly. She can pivot 360 degrees while sitting, she can scootch backwards when she is on her belly, and she repeatedly reaches so far forward that she actually makes slow progress across the room on her bum. It's similar to the very early days of Evie's crab scoot. This means she is also reminding me of the days when Evie could reach new locations and fully explore. She's flipping over toy baskets and "helping" with laundry. I can see where this is going and I have no hope of keeping up with two adorable but destructive tornadoes.

Little Naturalist

Lately, Evie's been enjoying playing with some of the pairs of binoculars we have at our house. We had a porcupine visiting a tree in our backyard for a few days in a row, so we went to get a closer look. I hope she'll continue to enjoy taking nature walks with us when she gets older!


Yes, Virginia

Mama has been a John Denver fan since she was little, so she was pretty proud to catch Evie singing "Take Me Home, Country Roads" at the doctor's office the other day. Evie's lyrics are original with such gems as yes Virginia and mountain hornet (West Virginia, mountain mama for those non-fans out there). She continued singing pretty loudly, unaware of the nurses that had gathered to listen and clap at the end! (I wish I had kept the video rolling longer!)