UV Protection

Evie takes sunscreen application very seriously. She usually insists on doing it all by herself, but Mama and Dada insist on helping. The other day we accidentally left it out where Evie could reach it....this is why we insist on helping.

McDonalds is a Wonderland

Remember the days when all you needed to be incredibly happy was a trip to a McDonalds with a playground? Evie often sees the elusive Playplaces through the windows as we drive past McDonalds on our errands here and there. She's always begging us to go there so she can go on the "swings and slides". Bacca and Mama finally took her the other day and she had a ball!

Happy Easter!

Evie enjoyed finding her baskets from the Easter Bunny this morning. Along with all the candy we had to pry from her hands, she found fairy wings, a puzzle, disney songs, a dvd, a ball, and new shoes. Karina got a little basket too but nothing as exciting as candy!

We colored our Easter eggs last night...

And last weekend, we went to see the Easter Bunny. Evie was not a fan!