Moments from the Summer

We been going through our photos and found a couple from this summer that were worth sharing.

First, Evie decided she would raid the liquor cabinet.

She also decided that the cats wanted to have a tea party with her.

Evie got her own mark on the tool cabinet in Maine.

She had a trip to the Rainforest Cafe when she visited Dada at work.

And she tried to keep the cat warm while it was eating cat grass.

First Snow of 2013

We got our first real snowstorm this weekend which dumped 8" of snow for us to play in.  Evie has always been somewhat reluctant to play in the snow; I think she prefers being warm and cozy inside.

After a short stay outside where she did some sledding and decided to take off her boots, we went inside for some hot chocolate.

Her fondness for the hot chocolate created a cocoa goatee that she proudly wore.


Evie dressed up as a kitty-cat for Halloween this year.  Despite talking a big game, she clammed up as soon as we reached any of our neighbor's houses.

Just because Karina was only a few weeks old, didn't stop us from trying to get her involved in Halloween.

And it wouldn't be a proper holiday without a family photo shoot.