McDonalds is a Wonderland

Remember the days when all you needed to be incredibly happy was a trip to a McDonalds with a playground? Evie often sees the elusive Playplaces through the windows as we drive past McDonalds on our errands here and there. She's always begging us to go there so she can go on the "swings and slides". Bacca and Mama finally took her the other day and she had a ball!

Happy Easter!

Evie enjoyed finding her baskets from the Easter Bunny this morning. Along with all the candy we had to pry from her hands, she found fairy wings, a puzzle, disney songs, a dvd, a ball, and new shoes. Karina got a little basket too but nothing as exciting as candy!

We colored our Easter eggs last night...

And last weekend, we went to see the Easter Bunny. Evie was not a fan!

Sweet tooth

Evie loves to go out to eat at restaurants. Last weekend she shared a delicious dessert with Mama and Dada. This was a first because we usually don't like to push our luck and tend to head home once everyone is done with their lunch or dinner. Evie is a girl after my own heart. She was the last to put her spoon down and she made sure she got every last bit of the chocolate on the plate. She even went after the strawberry garnish. Then, she picked up the dessert menu and said we should order the other one now.

Karina just enjoyed smiling at all the people and seeing the sights!

Our Funny Valentines

We had fun dressing the little ladies in heart attire for Valentine's Day. We even attended a little party in Evie's classroom at daycare! It was also the first year that we gave out cards to the other kids in the class and I was shocked at what the Valentine aisle in Target has become. In the age of Pinterest, I'm wondering what will become required of parents on holidays throughout the school years. This will definitely not be the last time I'm up a little late on February 13th, putting heart-shaped frosting on sugar cookies!

Month by Month

We are continuing the tradition we started with Evie by taking monthly photos of Karina...but we haven't been as good at keeping up with posting them! We also haven't been as good at putting her in the same outfit like that little blue shirt we had for Evie, but it's still fun to see the changes before our eyes.

Here is Karina at about one week old:

One month:

Two months:

Three months:

And Evie at 2.5 years with her famous onesie!