Christmas Season

It's been such a busy month with a million little memories. We've had so much fun watching Evie's excitement for Christmas grow each day and Karina just being her cheerful little self, happy to come along for the adventure!

Advent calendars with a daily piece of chocolate were a big hit!

We learned that IKEA is a magical wonderland for running and playing any time of the year.

We picked out a Christmas tree on a very chilly day, about 3 hours before Micah had to fly to North Carolina for orientation and training for his new job.  

Decorating for Christmas is like discovering totes full of toys that we forgot we had.

Santa does not bring joy to our children. He brings catatonic behavior (Evie) and all out wailing (Karina). Evie told me on Christmas Eve she didn't want to be awake when Santa was at our house...She likes his presents but she doesn't like him.
Of course there are still images from the day itself and we went to several wonderful gatherings throughout the season. Plus, there are many more planned in the weeks ahead...we feel very fortunate for our family and friends. We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!